It’s important to look after your decorating products…

Here we’ll give you tips to ensure your products last longer and maintain the excellent finish they were designed to offer.

How to clean your Kana paint brushes

Remove excess paint from the filaments.

Clean oil, solvent based paints and varnishes in a suitable solvent following the solvent manufacturer’s guidelines.

Clean water-based paints in warm, soapy water.

Once clean, rinse and allow to dry naturally.

The brush should be stored in its keeper to maintain shape.

Never soak brushes in solvent or water as this can damage the filaments.

How to clean your Rota rollers

Wash it out thoroughly.

Make sure you keep doing it until no paint is visible

To assist with this you may wish to use something similar to our Heavy Duty 7 in 1 Tool which has a roller cleaner