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Ali Oxide Paper Rolls

Mirka Hoimant, a universal Ali oxide paper with an ‘E’ weight backing provides effective sanding on paint, wood, plaster and plastics.
The semi-open coating helps prevent clogging and gives an edge wear resistance and long term durability.

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- 4180

115mm Roll

- 4180

5m x 40grit, 5m x 120grit, 5m x 60grit, 5m x 80grit, 10m x 60grit, 10m x 120grit, 10m x 80grit, 50m x 80grit, 50m x 240grit, 50m x 100grit, 50m x 120grit, 50m x 150grit, 50m x 40grit, 50m x 60grit

- 4180