Star Brush


  • Perfectly balanced 100% synthetic bristle mix
  • Superior bristles for excellent paint loading and release for a fine finish
  • Up to 5 times longer life than standard bristles


  • Description

    Product information

    Ferrule - High quality swell resistant plastic ferrule Ideal uses - All paints and varnishes

    Technical details

    Size Star Brush - 30mm (1")
    Star Brush - 40mm (1.5")
    Star Brush - 50mm (2")
    Star Brush - 75mm (3")
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    No manual available.

  • Reviews (5)

    There are 5 reviews for Star Brush

    Andrew McNally
    3 September 2019 19:08:01

    Star Brush 2 inch

    Very good brush. Feels a bit chunky to hold but wasn't a problem for me as I have big hands, washed out well several times and didn't loose its shape and no bristle loss. This would be the ideal brush for site painters who are knocking out houses week in week and get through a lot of brushes. Basically it is a very good brush at a very good price. The first thing you notice is the red plastic ferrule and it does say brush can be used in oil paint but I don't know if storing in a Brushmate would affect this. Would definitely buy a 3 inch as that is what I usually use in emulsion. Might not suit everyone but my advice is try one and see.
    26 August 2019 14:25:17

    Star Brush 2"

    After using the Star Brush for a week on new builds it held up very well. I love the long handle on the brush just like the Hamiltons but only cost £5.34, you can't go wrong at that price and it's just as good as the Hamiltons. Why pay silly money it's worth a try for £5.34! I've now gone out and got more 2" and some 3" brushes too.
    Luke Vincent
    16 August 2019 10:25:32

    Game changer!

    Outstanding brush! Works well in oil and water based paints as well as varnish and stains. I’ve been using one for about a month and had no problems so far. The handle is extremely comfortable and for a 2” holds the same amount of paint if not more than a 3”. This is my brush of choice.
    Chris Georgiou
    28 January 2019 23:53:20

    What a fantastic brush..... I have used many brushes over the years and this has to be up there with the best. The handle is very well balanced and feels very solid in the hand. One of the qualities that really stood out to me was that there was not one bristle that came off. Normally from using a brush for the first time there are a few bristles that come off but not an issue for the Star brush. Would definitely recommend this to any fellow decorator who is looking for a great all rounder brush that also holds more paint than any brush I have used previously.
    Steve Newholm
    27 January 2019 10:02:48

    Very Good Quality Brush as good as any leading brand on the market!

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