Favourite Decorating Project of 2017

Throughout 2017 I have worked on a wide range of decorating projects; each one has been totally different. They have all had their share of highs and lows.  I’d love to be able to say that every project has always gone to plan but sometimes you are faced with problems that are out of your control, having the ability to overcome these issues is what makes a good decorator and a successful project.

If I had to pick my favourite project of 2017 I would have to say a high end project in Ferndown Dorset. The attention to detail wanted throughout this project was second to none. This project included a home cinema room, large extension, dining area and bedrooms.

One of the challenges I faced throughout this project was poorly plastered wall, thankfully I had my Prep tools on hand to help me out. My most used Prep tools though this project was my sanding block and long handle scraper. 

This project involved enormous amounts of spraying which is seen to be the way forward when working on large projects. Therefor I was fully prepared with lots of Masking Tape and Covermasq. Due to the size of the project, significant areas needed to be covered and protected, without these Masq products I would have struggled  to complete this section of the project so quickly.

When I first arrived at this job the walls were bare, the client was struggling to visualise the end result and I was excited to get started! After reassuring the client who was on site during the project it was time to get going. The client was very down to earth making the project more enjoyable. In the end they were very impressed with the overall finish, attention to detail, cleanliness and care for all of their fixtures and furniture. To ensure all the fixtures were kept clean I used the Prep Dust Sheets as you can never be too careful.

I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of this project; it is still ongoing and aimed to be finished at the end of January. Now that all the preparation has been done it is just over to the finishing touches using the Kana Professional Synthetic Brushes and many of the ROTA! refills. 

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