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ROTA! Microfibre Roller Sleeve

As a professional decorator I am always on the lookout for quality painting equipment including rollers and have a veritable arsenal of roller sleeves…


Red Devil Caulk

Having used many different types of caulked over the years I have struggled to find one that doesn't crack or craze. I have used thick ones, thin…


masq Red Painter's Tape

I used the masq Red Painter’s Tape on a job for the first time a few weeks ago and I can honestly say it is a brilliant tape. I used it on two…


My 3 go to Ciret products

For my current project I’ve been using 3 different Ciret products, the Red Devil Lightweight Filler, masq Purple Painter’s Tape and ROTA! Microfibre…


Trimaco X-Board

I used the Trimaco X-Board on a job for the first time last week and I can honestly say this is a fantastic product. I used it in a very busy…

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