Low Tack Painters Tape


For delicate surfaces

The Low Tack Painters Tape is suitable for all types of paint work on delicate surfaces. It removes cleanly and easily, without leaving unwanted residue or bleed. UV resistant up to 90 days.


Please see the masq painters & masking tape guide for further information on some examples of suitable surfaces for each tape.


  • Description

    Product information

    • Thin washi paper for sharp flat lines
    • Removes cleanly leaving no residue
    • High moisture/humidity resistance
    • Strong tear-resistant paper
    • UV resistance: 90 Days
    • Temperature resistance: Up to 100°C
    • Use: Interior + Exterior
    • Available in 3 sizes; 25mm (1”), 38mm (1 ½”), 50mm (2”)


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  • Reviews (27)

    There are 27 reviews for Purple Painters Tape

    Ross Stevenson
    16 September 2018 16:55:32

    Great stuff, left a nice clean edge without any running underneath the tape. Didn’t leave any residue or pull any existing paint off (but was only left on for a couple of hours so may differ with how long you leave it on)
    31 October 2018 14:01:01

    Brilliant I love it, definitely will be getting some more soon!:)
    David bowes
    31 October 2018 14:39:23

    I was sent a sample of the ciret purple masking tape and I was amazed at how cleanly the tape came off and left a nice clean crisp line with no bleeding. It was easy to apply i think this is my go to tape now superb results
    James Randle
    31 October 2018 14:57:10

    Only used the small sample tape but from what I used it did the job. No creeping or peeling
    Anthony Dance
    31 October 2018 15:38:58

    Absolutely fantastic tape,clean sharp lines, didnt pull any paint. No bleed or residued left. The tape of the future.
    Paul Dyer
    31 October 2018 17:49:19

    Impressed,although low tack lovely sharp lines with no paint bleed,will definitely use again
    Gary Berston
    31 October 2018 19:47:47

    I was sent a sample of this tape and have to say it’s a good quality tape. Pulled away nicely after painting leave a crisp perfect edge. It stands well against the likes of other competitor tape and I will certainly be looking at using this tape again in the near future. 10 out of 10
    Peter Watters
    31 October 2018 19:56:29

    Great product and very effective Id definitely reccomend this tape
    Smiths Painters and Decorators
    30 November 2018 13:48:04

    Had the low and medium tac masking tape and used it on a customers kid room. We did some lovely tramlines on woodchip with this tape and we had very little bleeds and hardly any touch ups at the end. It didn’t pull any exsisting paint off which tends to happen with the other masking tape we used to buy. This is now the ONLY masking tape we use on all jobs now. Excellent product and will definitely recommend.
    Jason Danvers
    2 December 2018 22:13:23

    I picked up some sample rolls of the Masq tapes form the Painting & Decorating show in Coventry last week. I had the chance to try them out late last week, particularly the low tack purple masking tape. I had a feature wall to paint so I used the purple tape to mask off the corner of the adjoining wall to et a nice sharp line. The adjoining wall had been painted literally a couple of hours before so I was taking a bit of a chance with the tape, but I can safely say that I didn't need to worry. The purple tape had just the right amount of tack to stick to the wall and removed cleanly and easily to leave a nice sharp line with no lifting of the previously painted surface. I think this is going to be my 'go to' tape for low tack use from now on. I just need to know where I can purchase more of these from now ?
    3 March 2019 22:48:10

    As i have used this more. I can honestly say I love masq tapes. They are the best in my opinion and my go too tape.
    Jay Price
    31 October 2018 13:47:57

    I was recently given a sample of this purple painters low tack masking tape. I must say I was impressed, I used it for masking windows, door frames and the edge of some decorative coving with great results. There was no bleed from the tape and it adhered well to freshly painted surfaces with no peeling of existing paint! 100% would reccomend.
    Phil meara
    31 October 2018 13:45:19

    Great tape, lovely clean lines after removing, low tack tape but sticky enough to grab the surface and paint up to, removing it was easy came away in one piece instead of ripping into little bits, definitely a tape I will be using in the future, top stuff
    Kevin wood painter and decorator
    31 October 2018 13:44:12

    Used the tape today for the first time and found it really easy to work with.kevin wood painter and decorator.
    Roy Forrest Painter and decorator
    20 September 2018 17:46:34

    So I was sent a sample of the purple Masq tape. Applied to water based satin painted the day before and it was spot on. No peeling of the satin, no residue and no creeping underneath. A nice clean Sharp edge. Thanks for the sample. I have a small video but can't upload it here.
    Charlie Leman
    21 September 2018 12:42:25

    Think I've found my new favourite tape!
    1 October 2018 12:10:55

    Great stuff, new fave low tack tape
    S B decorating services
    1 October 2018 20:38:48

    Used this tape today very impressed nice clean lines 5 stars
    Claire Allum-Antilles
    2 October 2018 15:47:17

    I got sent a free roll of this tape and I have got to say I am very, very impressed! I've used it in several different finishes including Matt, silk and satin and the finish is sharp and clean. Looks mint! Thank you, I've now got my new go to tape!
    Adam Featherstone
    10 October 2018 10:27:15

    I've used this tape after being sent a sample out on two different jobs, one was applied after a day of painting water based satinwood on, and one after about 4 hours of apply water based satinwood, I've not had it pull at all, its leaves a nice crisp sharp lines, doesn't rip when being pulled off either, I'm always on the hunt for new masking tape that does a excellent job and doesn't cost the earth, this tape is definitely what I've been looking for, it's definitely on my list of go to masking tapes, and I look forward to using the red and gold tapes.
    Lee Penfold
    11 October 2018 18:41:44

    Used the Purple tape today. I’m working on different methodologies when it comes to painting especially when using water based paints. The purple tape is great for giving a razor sharp straight edge to all of your woodwork. I used it on top of waterbasd Satinwood and it was left over night. On removal it didn’t pull any of the woodwork paint off and left a great finish.
    Lee PHDecorating Services
    11 October 2018 22:39:39

    I have recently trialed the purple painters tape. I was impressed by the quality feel of the tape. The level of tack to the adhesive seemed a little strong but on removal it pulled away with little effort. The lines were clean and crisp and having used on Dulux Diamond Satinwood that had only cured for a day I was a little worried that it may pull some of the paint off. I needn’t have worried, even though the tape itself was left in situ for well over 24 hours, with the first coat of emulsion having been applied on the previous day, it pulled away easily and left a great line with no paint bleed. A good quality tape that I will use again without hesitation.
    David Millington
    29 October 2018 21:36:09

    Left on for 24hrs on some satinwood that was 24hrs dry, no paint bleed and no pulling of the satinwood on removal, was easy to use with my hand masker I would definitely use again as it's a reliable product.
    30 October 2018 11:17:35

    Excellent masking tape no excess paint bleed underneath the tape and left a nice clean finish and when removing the tape never pulled of any of the paint of the surface that was masked, best tape I've used in a long time
    Chris J Hole Interiors
    24 April 2019 23:07:16

    Great product

    I used this product to protect laminate beading whilst decorating a hallway. The low tack meant the beading wasn’t damaged and the tape left a clean sharp edge. Excellent product in my opinion.
    Simon tucker
    16 May 2019 08:27:33

    Great tape!

    Brilliant masking tape,with no residue left and no pulling off of paint,my number one go to tape
    30 May 2019 15:41:10

    Purple painters tape

    Been using this tape on a job with newly lacquered wood and got to say this tape has been outstanding. Ticks every box for me no residue no peeling of paint work and crisp clean lines

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