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Ciret Ltd

Our brands have been designed to cater for everything a decorator needs throughout their decorating project life cycle. Starting with the preparation tools right through to the product applications, the only thing we don’t provide for the project is the paint.

Our extensive product range is broken down into four key brands each offering a solution to different parts of the project life cycle. The four key brands are ROTA!, Kana, masq and prep but we also have a complimentary wallpaper adhesive brand called Beeline.

Kana paint brush is used to paint a smooth line on the wall above skirting board.
Kana paint brush is used to paint a smooth line on the wall above skirting board.

Of The

Tank Brush

  • Innovative 2 in 1 combination of natural bristle tank with synthetic bristle coat
  • Holds up to 30% more paint
  • Fine surface finish with finely tipped bristles


We aim to provide useful resources for all decorators, from novice DIY’ers through to trade professionals with decades of experience.

Closeup of a wooden fence being painted with a paint brush.
A mini paint roller being used to paint a wall white.

DIY or Trade and Professionals

These sections are designed to help end users and professionals get the most out of our products via useful guides. Taking care of your equipment has never been easier. See the performance of our products in action, understand why you should use one of our brands and read interesting blogs.


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