We have
the right tools
for you…

We know you’re experts in what you do so finding a product that doesn’t let you down is important. Take a look at some of the videos below to discover how our products can help you achieve the finish you’re looking for.

  • ROTA

    Our ROTA brand offers a wide range of rollers in a range of fabrics with specialist features for a variety of applications. We also offer roller accessories and kits to compliment this range.

    Premier Microfibre

    Advanced Polyamide Microfibre roller sleeves are a universal fabric suitable for all water and oil-based paints and varnishes.

    Premier Dualon (polyamide) Roller Refill

    Dualon Refill – Outstanding for masonry, emulsion and water based paint. Exceptional paint loading gives superb coverage.

    Premier Toptex Roller Refill

    Our Toptex Roller Refill has superior absorbency for the best paint pick-up and much greater coverage with extra fine, high density fibres for a very smooth finish.

  • Kana

    Kana is the brand that caters for all your brush need with one to suite every application. We also offer a range of bristles, from 100% synthetic to natural bristles.

    Premier Synthetic

    Advanced Synthetic Brushes allow high paint loading with gradual release for outstanding coverage.

  • Masq

    Our masking products are produced to protect any surface prior to painting or decorating. We offer a range of different adhesives suitable for most household surfaces.

  • Prep

    Preparation is key and our range gives you the ability to prepare any surface and to protect the user throughout any painting or decorating project.

    Tang tool

    Tang Tools range consists of Filling, Stripping and Putty knives. Full tang blade for excellent strength & durability.

    Removing wallpaper

    We here at Ciret have a range of Preparation tool to assist with the removal of wallpaper.

    Tape & Drape

    Tape & Drape ideal for masking large areas with its statically charged film which clings to any surface.