Why not take a break and have a read of one of our interesting decorating blogs written by our Master Decorator and the Ciret team? From product reviews to handy decorating top tips - we have it all.


Red Devil Caulk

Having used many different types of caulked over the years I have struggled to find one that doesn't crack or craze. I have used thick ones, thin…


Masq Red Painter's Tape

I used the Masq Red Painter’s Tape on a job for the first time a few weeks ago and I can honestly say it is a brilliant tape. I used it on two…


My 3 go to Ciret products

For my current project I’ve been using 3 different Ciret products, the Red Devil Lightweight Filler, masq Purple Painter’s Tape and ROTA! Microfibre…


Trimaco X-Board

I used the Trimaco X-Board on a job for the first time last week and I can honestly say this is a fantastic product. I used it in a very busy…


Beeline Paste Master Machine

If you could have one tool that would save you time and not cost the earth when carrying out wallpapering projects would you be interested? Well…


Preparing A Room

When starting a new decorating project the first thing to do is always prepare you work area and protect soft furnishing or fittings that may be…

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