Trimaco X-Board

I used the Trimaco X-Board on a job for the first time last week and I can honestly say this is a fantastic product. I used it in a very busy downstairs hallway where the customer had 2 very young hyper children running up and down, plus myself working on it all day.

The X-Board was down for 9 days, of which at no point did it show any signs of wear and tear.  As I was in a pretty narrow hallway it did prove a little difficult for me to roll out and cut to size as the roll was about a foot wider than the hallway, but I got there in the end. It was a very easy material to cut around edges and nicely slipped under doors and skirtings. The main reason why I wanted to use this product on this particular project was because I intended to spray all the woodwork using a spray machine.

In the past I have previously used black corrugated plastic sheets but have found that once the over spray goes on it and has dried, the fine particles of paint then flake off which actually creates more dust and mess. Which then can be transferred into other areas of the house or even blows onto freshly sprayed walls.

What I found with the X-Board was that the overspray dried into the cardboard which in turn meant that the fine particles of paint were not able to flake off. This is a very good selling point for the cardboard and not the plastic, especially for sprayers. I found the X-Board very robust for a cardboard based material, I had a number of little accidents (which we all have) such as, water or paint spillage and dropping the odd tool from time to time. No paint or water penetrated through the X-Board and none of my tools pierced it either. At the end of each day I hovered and swept up after myself and this again didn’t phase the X-Board.

When the job was finished I found it was very easy for me to take it up, roll it up and put it in a dustbin bag which is another benefit as previous sheets and floor protections I have used had to be disposed of in an industrial skip.

All in all, I am very impressed with the X-Board and have already recommended this product to many other decorators.


Chris (Ciret Decorator)

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