Preparing A Room

When starting a new decorating project the first thing to do is always prepare you work area and protect soft furnishing or fittings that may be affected by anything you are using.

I personal start with the floor, normally by the entrance of the room and work my way around. You need to establish what floor covering you will be using whether it will be the prepFleece Floor Protector, or my personal favourite the prep Carpet Protector Film.

I always find the better I cover everything up the quicker I can get the job done as then I am not worrying about my paint getting anywhere it shouldn’t!

I’ll use prep carpet protector as an example in this case. I tend to hoover the room first and ensuring the surface is clean. Then I use the carpet protector in strips and roll it out across the floor. If you trim the edges roughly 2 inches from the skirting board you can then use masq masking tape to meet the protector and push this right down into the carpet pile ensuring that the floor is properly covered and protected.

Secondly I’d asses my clients furnishing whether it be a sofa, armchair or anything that will require protecting and in most cases this is normally anything left in the room. For sofas and furniture my go to product is the prep Polythene Dustsheet. Knowing that if I do get paint on anything then it is all 100% protected and won’t be affected.

Finally any hard fixtures such as lamps, tables and light fittings I use the prep Polythene Rolls. It’s lightweight and easy to use. If required I can use the Masq tape range to secure it in place for the duration of the job.

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