A Painter Is Only As Good As His Tools

My experience with painting and decorating equipment hasn’t always been a match made in heaven. Moving house gave me a new motivation to put on my overalls and get painting. Going through my old equipment that I had used in my old house I thought to myself “Do I really want to do a half decent job in my new house?” Having gone shopping for painting equipment I came across the ROTA!, kana, masq & prep range.

First port of call was to protect my new home from my inevitable mistakes, masking tape was needed for those vulnerable areas. Having used masq low tack masking tape previously, I knew that it was a guaranteed quality that I could rely on.

Premier Microfibre was my roller of choice having that top range design and feel. I hoped that it could bring a professional finish to my new home; Perfect finish! The layoff was incredible with a smooth finish, with half the loading time of roller sleeves I had previously used (Which was great for the bad back!) The 4 inch roller had delivered just as well as is big brother with the access to all of those hard to reach areas including behind the radiator! The ROTA! range in my opinion is the best quality and the Premier Microfibre sleeves are worth every single penny. Especially if you want that top draw finish to be proud of.

Having had some bad experiences with cheap paint brushes in the past I knew I would need to find a product that I could continue to use and not just throw away after each use. kana Professional Synthetic Brush would be my weapon of choice. One brush is all it took to take my finishing skills from lacklustre to that of a professional decorator (well maybe not that good) however I had never been more proud of my work. After each room I would clean my brush ready to tackle the next task and it 100% lived up to the challenge.

In reflection now looking at my fully painted house I would have to say the excellent finish is down to the quality of the product I was using. I would recommend using any of these products to complete tasks you have around the house if you are looking for that quality design at a very reasonable cost.

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