Trimaco's Eliminator Slip Resistant Dropcloth for the professional decorator and painter

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For the past two weeks I've been using the Eliminator Slip Resistant Dropcloth from Trimaco on some of my decorating work projects. When it first arrived before I even opened the parcel, I was surprised at how heavy it was. Once opened the first thing that struck me was the high quality of the material of the dropcloth.

I've been using some cheaper coated cotton dust sheets for the last couple of years but unfortunately within a year or less the seams have started to open up on nearly all of them. You can tell by the way the Trimaco’s Eliminator protection is made that this won't be an issue.

Due to the weight of the dust sheet and its non-slip special ‘Stay Put’ technology it drapes extremely well across furniture and doesn't slide about or slip off. I've used it on tiled flooring, wooden floors as well as laminate and it didn’t move around like other dust sheets.

Furthermore, Trimaco promises 100% leak resistance from this extremely tough and durable surface and floor protection. To test that I poured water, shellac paint and emulsion on it and neither penetrated through the leak proof material.

If you’re looking for a high-quality protection sheet then look no further than the Trimaco Eliminator Slip Resistant Dropcloth. Dust sheets are one thing you don't want to buy cheap as it's an easy way to ruin your reputation and can cost you a lot of money, time and effort.

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