Covermasq – The ultimate masking solution for interior and exterior painting and decorating projects

  • Covermasq masking film being used on a window.
  • The Covermasq Classic masking film is used to protect a heater from paint and dust.
  • Classic Covermasq masking film protects a window from paint and decorating dust.

Ciret’s masq range features professional painters and masking tapes as well as Covermasq. Covermasq is a statically charged HDPE film with a painters or masking tape attached to the edge, making it ideal for covering larger areas quickly.

Covermasq Gold has the masq Superior Painters Tape attached to it and has a 90 day UV resistance. The Superior Painters Tape will help you obtain clean and crisp flat edges and is particularly good in wet conditions. The Gold version can be used on interior and exterior projects.

Covermasq Classic features the 7 Day Masking Tape by masq and is great for getting smooth flat edges. It is suitable for interior projects. The Covermasq rolls are available in 4 sizes going up to 2700mm which makes it perfect for covering doors and other larger areas.

Simply unroll and spread across surfaces as its plastic film will stick to any surface. Cover the desired area and cut of any excess film neatly with scissors. It offers excellent protection from dirt, paint and general builder’s dust and removes as easily.

I used Covermasq Gold on a recent bathroom project as I needed to get a clean line along the top edge of the tiles and at the same time protect the tiled walls beneath it. Wet resistance was another reason why the Gold version was better suited for this project. The tape and drape allowed me to cut in neatly without getting paint on the tiles below and the result was great. I was left with a smooth finish, sharp lines and clean tiles.

I chose Covermasq Classic for an interior project and used it to protect heaters, windows and door frames from being covered in paint and dust. The film wrapped nicely around the heater, stuck well to the window and covered the whole door.

Covermasq is a truly useful masking solution for professional painters and decorators as it minimises cleaning up times. Why not give it a try?

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