masq Masking Tape - The Gold Tape

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Having used pretty much all the tapes out there, I thought I'd give Ciret’s Gold Tape from the masq range a try. If it was anything like their other tapes then I was sure it would not disappoint... and yes, I was right. This is yet again another brilliantly developed and manufactured tape by Ciret.

On this occasion I was using it for glass panelled sash windows because as we all know, sash windows can be very difficult to paint, especially when having to give them multiple coats. I used the 2" tape for the windows which allowed me to paint quickly without having to worry about getting any paint on the glass. I was yet again really impressed with the quality of Ciret’s Gold Tape as it left sharp, crisp lines without any bleeds underneath.

All in all, I have to say that this is now my go to tape for precision lines and masking up sockets, switches, handles, furniture and glass. I'm sure that there’s much more that this tape can handle.

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