masq Red Painter's Tape

I used the masq Red Painter’s Tape on a job for the first time a few weeks ago and I can honestly say it is a brilliant tape. I used it on two projects, an interior and an exterior and not once did it let me down. On the exterior project it was used to mask around rough window frames, it was left for 10 days with minimum UV exposure and held its adhesion very well.

On the interior surfaces it maintained a clean edge when painted with water based paint and left no sticky residue once removed. One of my biggest pet hates when using masking tape is when the tape doesn’t come off the roll easily and tears. However, this was not the case when using the Red Painter’s Tape, it came off the roll with ease and there was no tearing or shredding in sight. The masq Painter’s Tape range is one of the best selections of tapes on the market and I would recommend all three tapes (Red, Gold & Purple) to any decorators without a doubt!

The only down side to this product is that it is not well known amongst the decorating trade at the moment but with the right media coverage it can easily become a leading brand. Ciret Decorator

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