The ultimate lockdown garden project – before & after

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Like so many of us, my partner and I took the extra time we both had during lockdown to finish our garden project, which we’ve been working on for a while.

About 12 months ago we moved into a brand-new house and with it came a big back garden that was completely unfinished. Lockdown gave us the time to plan and bring to life our ideas to turn this blank canvas into the perfect garden to enjoy.

It took us a little while to plan and come up with the best design for the outside space. It was important to us to create a space that offers a private seating area to relax, flower beds and an area to grow herbs. Oh and of course a nice fireplace for barbeques.

Once the plans were done, the construction could start. Luckily for me, my partner is a joiner who was at home for 14 weeks, so he ended up doing most of the construction and heavy work.

Behind the garage, which faces west, was the ideal place to put a nice patio with a cosy seating area to enjoy the evening sun after a hard day’s work. A roof structure was put up so that we can use the space even on a rainy day. We decided that this would also be the perfect spot for a fire pit so now as the sun goes down, the lights come on and the fire pit keeps it warm and cosy as we toast marshmallows.

To finish off the patio area, right outside the back door, we have started to grow our own herbs to use in all the home cooking that we enjoy doing.

A newly raised wooden border runs along the bottom of the garden, which we’re now filling with flowers to attract bees and butterflies. The little bench at the end means I can sit and admire the flowers.

This project was also a great opportunity to test one of the newest Ciret products – the Kana Tank Brush. As an account manager, I typically sell these brushes to our customers but now I got the chance to take the brush to the ultimate test in my own home environment.

We used the kana Tank brush to paint all wooden borders and the patio roof structure as it’s a fantastic brush for varnish and wood stains. Its innovative inner tank feature, made of natural bristles, means that it can load up to 30% more wood stain than an average brush. The synthetic bristles that surround the inner tank leave a nice and smooth finish. The Tank brush did a fantastic job and made painting the long beams of the roof structure much faster and more efficient.

After all this hard work, my partner and I are absolutely delighted with the results and enjoy every day we get to spend outside. It was a long and sometimes challenging task but worth the effort. It shows that with proper planning, time and the right tools you can turn your ideas into reality.


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