Red Devil Caulk


Having used many different types of caulked over the years I have struggled to find one that doesn't crack or craze. I have used thick ones, thin ones, well known brands and not so well known and all of them at some point have manage to crack and craze for no apparent reason.

When using caulk you always have to factor in how thick or thin the bead is and allow for the appropriate drying time, I usually leave to harden over night and paint the following day.

After trying out so many different types of caulk I decided to give the Red Devil ONETIME a try and I have to say I was not disappointed in the slightest. Apart from it being slightly on the thin side it was actually a very good caulk to work with and left a good end result.

As it is a thin caulk, I was expecting it to sink into the larger gaps and I'd have re-caulk in a few hours but I was pleasantly surprised, as it did not sink. Once the caulk had dried/cured overnight I was able to paint over it and it did not crack or craze at all.

I was a little nervous to use the caulk and the masqPurple Painter’s Tape on a recent spraying job as I was concerned that the tape would possibly pull the caulk up. However I  can honestly say I was surprised as the caulk and the tape did what they were suppose to do and there was no tape damage.

I have used this caulk now on 2 jobs - one internal and one external as I wanted to see if it was good for both. I can confirm that I was delighted with both results.

I would happily use this caulk again without any hesitation and glad I took another gamble on another caulk.

Chris (Ciret Decorator)

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