My 3 go to Ciret products


For my current project I’ve been using 3 different Ciret products, the Red Devil Lightweight Filler, masq Purple Painter’s Tape and ROTA! Microfibre roller refill.  

I was working on a 10 year old property where there was quite a few screw heads that had popped out of the wall, so this was the perfect job to use the Red Devil Lightweight Filler. I found tacking a bit of the filler and working it until it was soft made it perfect for filling in one go.

The Red Devil Filler is lightweight and dries quickly, I used it where electricians had fitted  new sockets and left holes, what I usually do is fill it just shy of the surface around the area then once dry skim fill with a powder filler to get a smooth even surface.

The next product I used was the masq Purple Painter’s Tape to mask the top of the skirting boards after I had painted them in a water-based satinwood. The Purple Painter’s Tape is a low tack tape that is perfect for delicate and freshly painted surfaces which leaves no sticky residue and doesn’t pulls any paint off.

The final product I used was the ROTA! Microfibre roller sleeve, I had previously been on the look out for a new sleeve, so I thought I would give the Microfibre a go. I was very impressed with this sleeve as it holds a huge amount of paint and leaves a nice smooth finish.

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