Professional Painting & Decorating Concave Rollers

The ROTA! concave foam roller is one of the best innovations within the 4 inch roller refill market. It’s ideally used in gloss, primers and oil based paints and looks entirely different to anything else I have ever seem. It’s called the concave foam roller as the ends are bevelled to eliminate tram lines.

We all know how annoying and unsightly they are, and I usually end up spending more time sorting out the tramlines and creating more work for myself. But the concave roller is different, the paint pick up is phenomenal and stretches further than any other I’ve use but the most impressive feature is the finish that it leaves.

Now to fully test this product I decided to embark on a hand painted kitchen last year. It was keyed back accordingly and then an oil based primer and top coats were applied. I needed something that could almost mirror a spray finish without having to involve too many brush marks. Well the concave didn’t disappoint. The finish acquired was incredible, very close to spraying oil based paints, however in this instance it was more feasible to use a 4” roller.

Needless to say, my client was pleased with the end result and the most enjoyable aspect for me was I didn’t have to re-roll due to awful tramlines. It was a complete success.

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