ROTA! Toptex Roller Review

As a decorator it is important to love all of your tools, over the years of working in the painting and decorating industry I have trailed and tested many different products from a number of brands. Some I have absolutely loved and others have ended up being put to the bottom of my kit and never used again. Luckily for me I have the pleasure of working with a brand that I can honestly say I love all of their product ranges.

Recently I came across the ROTA! Toptex roller sleeve which I have to say was very impressive and is now one of my go to roller refills. Until a few years back I used to use a lot of oil based paints, when I started to experiment using water based paints I soon realised I needed a roller that would leave me with a glass smooth finish.

After a few times using this refill I soon realised that this roller does all the above and not only leaves me feeling pleased with the smooth finish and proud of my work. Along with leaving my client being impressed.

The Toptex rollers makes painting larger surfaces areas with water based paints, satins and glosses a breeze, covering large areas with just one application as the pickup is incredible leaving a superb as smooth as glass finish.

Toptex is available in 4 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch refills, I personally love using the 4 inch Jumbo in hard to reach areas like behind radiators. Another thing I like about this refill is how easy it is to look after it, simply clean off and it’s ready for the next use.

The Toptex roller is an absolute must, try it and I am confident you will love it.

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