ROTA! TopTex Roller Review – Tested by a professional

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As a professional decorator, your work tools are the most important part to make a project a success. Over the years of working in the painting and decorating industry, I have trialled and tested many different products from various brands. Some I have absolutely loved, and others have ended up being put to the bottom of my kit and were never used again.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been working closely with a brand that I can honestly say offer fantastic product ranges. Ciret’s RKMP range covers everything a professional or hobby decorator needs to get a job done. The only product they don’t provide is the paint.

Recently I got to test the ROTA! Toptex Roller Sleeve, made of advanced woven polyester, which is suitable for use with emulsion and water-based paints. Looking at the product information, the sleeve promises superior absorbency for the best paint pick-up and much greater coverage. Fine, high density fibres will leave a smooth finish on smooth and semi-rough surfaces.

Until a few years ago I used a lot of oil-based paints but when I started using water-based paints instead, I realised very quickly that I needed to change my go-to roller sleeves. It was time to find something more suitable that would give me the glass smooth finish that I was after.

After trying out various sleeves from a number of brands, I finally found my new go-to product when testing ROTA!’s Toptex Roller Sleeve. I was extremely impressed by the quality of the fabric and the smooth finish it left.

The Toptex roller makes painting larger surface areas with water-based paints, satins and glosses a breeze. Its paint pickup is fantastic, resulting in covering large areas with less applications, leaving a superb and smooth glass-like finish.

Available in 4”, 9” and 12”, my personal favourite is the 4” Jumbo refill which is ideal for areas that are hard to reach, like behind radiators. Another thing I really like about the product is that it is easy to clean and the sleeve fabric is long-lasting.

The ROTA! Toptex roller is an absolute must, try it and I am confident you will love it too.

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