Trimaco Stay Put Canvas Plus Dropcloth has you covered

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After having used and trialled numerous brands of dust sheets over the last few years, I decided to invest into the Stay Put Canvas Plus Dropcloth by Trimaco.

Trimaco recommends that the heavy-duty dust sheets are used to cover surfaces with high levels of slip such as bath tubs, sinks, kitchen work tops and flooring. I decided to trial the canvas on kitchen worktops first and used it on a bathroom project a little while later. Its special surface grip material and hefty weight allows it to grip and hold in place brilliantly, covering large areas quickly and efficiently.

Stay Put is made of three protective layers, a hard-wearing canvas on the top, a leak resistant plastic layer in the middle and a unique slip-resistant grip layer on the back. The dropcloths special spill block layer avoids paint seeping through by simply absorbing it. I tested it with Zinnser Bin and Bedec MSP paints, which I left on for about 30 minutes and neither of the two products penetrated through the sheet. Therefore, no more messy clean ups.

The tough and durable dust sheets fold away nicely and can be reused over and over. Im really impressed with Trimacos Stay Put Canvas Plus Dropcloth as it does exactly what you want it to do. Its definitely top of my list for new dust sheets and I would highly recommend it.

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