Kana Contractor Brushes – Are they good enough for the Professional Decorator & Painter

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For this review I have been given the opportunity to try the Kana Contractor Brush set, which is a 5-piece set made of a natural and synthetic bristle mix.

This type of brush wouldn’t be my first choice but as I’m always looking to try something new, I was happy to test and review the Contractor set for Ciret. Let’s start with a few product facts that this brush set promises.

Kana Contractor Brush facts:

The brushes are made of a quality mix of natural and synthetic bristle, they have stainless-steel ferrules and are suitable for use with all paints and varnishes. Flagged filaments ensure a smooth paint release and finish and a Kaiser shaped handle allows for easy control of the brush. Furthermore, the brushes have excellent paint loading for great coverage.

Sounds promising, but let’s see what I had to say after using the brushes myself.

Product packaging:

The 5-piece set comes in clear packaging so you can see what the brushes look like and what sizes are included. The product label points out what the brushes are made of, what sizes the pack includes and it advises on ideal usage.

First thoughts:

My first impressions holding and checking over the Contractor brushes were that they feel very light due to the handle being made of plastic. I personally prefer a brush to have more weight as it gives me better control when cutting in. The design of the brushes is clean and simple, but they do look nice and professional.

Brushes in use:

I used a few of the different brush sizes for some emulsion work, and I also tried one of the brushes with water-based paint on a fireplace. I was quite impressed with how the brush cut into the wall, but there were a few times when the bristles flicked up to the ceiling which meant me having to touch up again.

Whilst cutting in and laying off, the brush didn’t feel like it held too much paint. I was dipping more often in my pot to reload my brush in comparison to other brushes I have used from Kana – especially the Star and Tank brushes. The finish itself was ok but not as good as the finish I get with my preferred brushes from the Premium range.

To paint the fireplace with black paint I used the 2inch Contractor brush. Unfortunately, I did not get the perfect finish I was hoping for, therefore I wouldn’t recommend this type of brush for a project that requires a high-quality finish.

Cleaning & storage:

The brushes were very easy to clean out under the tap, simply using warm soapy water. After a bit of a flick and shake I allowed the brushes to dry naturally and they were good to use for the next project.

I feel if they are not stored away carefully, they will end up damaged. I would either store them back in the packaging they came in or use some brush cases to protect the bristles from getting damaged.

After thoughts:

The Kana Contractor brushes are after all contractor rather than premium brushes. Therefore, I would say that you’ll get what you pay for. I would advise buyers to decide first what kind of brush/finish they are after before they buy a specific brush. I do think that the brush set does a nice job and delivers a pretty good finish.

From a professional’s point of view, I have to say that they wouldn’t be my choice and I don’t think that a professional painter or decorator would use the Contractor brushes as their everyday brush. However, enthusiastic DIYer’s who don’t want to invest into a more expensive premium product but do want something better than a cheap throw-away brush should definitely go for the Contractor range as they can expect very good results for a reasonable price.

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