Why the Sensitive Painters Tape is the best choice for your next sensitive work project

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I have tried and tested many products over the years, but this has to be up there with the best painters and masking tape solutions on the market. So, if you're looking for a tape that does exactly what you want it to do, then the brand-new Sensitive Painters tape from the masq brand by Ciret is the tape for you.

When trying out this tape, which comes in three sizes, I wanted to really put it to the test and see how gentle and accurate it would be on extremely sensitive surfaces. Normally I wouldn't tape on any surface without leaving it a couple of days to fully cure, eliminating any possibility of it lifting paint when removing. On this one occasion I was pressured for time and needed to get the job done.

On a late evening I had sprayed some skirtings and architrave on a loft conversion and needed to paint the walls the following day. I taped up all woodwork first thing in the morning before getting started with painting the walls. Two coats later and the tape was ready to come off. It came off easily, revealing smooth and sharp lines without leaving behind any residue. The Sensitive Tape did not disappoint as not one bit of paint lifted from the woodwork.

From now on I will most definitely use this tape on all delicate work surfaces, and I will challenge anyone to find a better painter’s tape for the job. It didn't leave any sticky residue behind, there were no bleeds and it was tough enough to withstand constant mini rolling without it ripping or moving away. The lilac coloured Sensitive Painters Tape was an absolute joy to work with.

As decorators, we all want to find a product that does exactly what it’s meant for and with the Ciret Sensitive Painters Tape, I can trust it will do the job right first time round.

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