masq's Purple Painters Tape - My Experience

I first came across the masq Purple Painters tape from Ciret about 18 months ago. It quickly turned into my go to tape for delicate projects - in fact the whole Ciret Masq range has become a core element of my work toolbox.

The Purple Painters tape is an excellent solution that doesn't break the bank, it stays nicely in place and won’t fall off behind you like some tapes do. It removes smoothly and easily revealing sharp crisp lines and its low tack makes it perfect for delicate and sensitive surfaces like lacquered or freshly painted surfaces. Furthermore, it can be used on interior as well as exterior projects as it is UV resistant for up to 90 days and has a temperature resistance of up to 100°c. This is something I will definitely test next summer.

I've used the tape with multiple types of paints, on a number of surfaces and it’s been absolutely brilliant. If you're looking for a tape for delicate work the masq Purples Painters Tape is the tape you’re looking for. Try it you won't regret it!

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