The Kana Advantage Paint Brush Set - Tested and Reviewed by a Professional Decorator

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Kana by Ciret offers a great range of paint brushes for the professional painter as well as the aspiring DIYer. Over the past few months I’ve tested numerous Kana brushes and several ones have now become an essential part of my decorating tool kit.

This time I trialled and reviewed the Kana Advantage Brush set, which is available as a pack of either 5 or 10 brushes, including 1.5”, 2” and 3” brushes. As recommended on the packaging, these brushes are suitable for all paints and varnishes, therefore I’ve used them with different oil and water-based paints.

As we professional painters all know, the key to achieving a clean straight line is the brush used and the way it feels in your hand when used for an extended amount of time.

So, here are my thoughts on the Advantage Brush Set:


The brushes have nice mid to soft bristles. These worked very well with water-based paints such as emulsions and varnishes. They are constructed from 100% synthetic brush filaments. The bristles are soft enough so as not to leave too many brush marks when painting a surface. They also leave a nice, smooth finish. Furthermore, the brush holds a good amount of paint, deposits it evenly on the surface and has great coverage. I didn’t have any issues with bristle loss, which is a pet hate of mine.


The paint brush has a sharp, rectangular ferrule that keeps the brush compact and the bristles on a tight 45 Degree angle. This makes the brushes particularly suitable for painting corners and tight spaces such as between door frames and walls.


The handle is a Beavertail style, made from Natural Wood. It has a nice look and feel to it. Unfortunately, due to my painting style and the way I like to hold a brush in my hand, I did experiece a couple of issues with the brushes. Their rectangular shape means that the brush handle has relatively sharp edges. Depending on the project, I like to hold my brush around the top of the handle/ferrule to really control the stroke. The sharp corners on these did make the brush a little uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time. I feel this could be improved by simply rounding off the edges on the handles.

All in all, this brush set is a great addition to my brush pot. Apart from my personal issue with the sharp edges, I would recommend them and I continue to use them for certain jobs.

Have you tried that Kana Advantage Set? What’s your opinion?

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