4 Big Garden Trends 2021 – Transform your outdoor space

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Since the start of the pandemic, many of us have spent significantly more time in our homes, making us increasingly aware of our living standards.

Outdoor space has become just as important as the home itself, encouraging people to transform their gardens to create more living space. 2020 saw a big increase in garden and DIY projects and those trends continue in 2021.

We’ve looked at the 4 biggest trends to watch out for this year.

1. The Garden Space - Bringing the inside, outside

The biggest trend this year is to create more living space by turning gardens into a place to relax and enjoy. A garden offers an extension to, perhaps for many of us, limited indoor space and can add not just personal but also financial value to a property.

Outdoor seating and cooking areas, kitchen gardens or beautiful flower arrangements – gardens of any size and shape can be transformed into a hobby gardener’s paradise, a fun playroom for the whole family or simply a wellness haven for personal retreat.

Top tip: Create a seamless flow from the indoors to the outdoors by matching the décor of your interiors. Revamp simple patio areas and dull balconies and use the space wisely to add more room to your living arrangement.

2. Sustainability - Wildlife & Environmentally friendly gardens

Over the recent years we’ve become more environmentally conscious, with the climate crisis being the driving factor for people wanting to do their bit. Therefore, it is no surprise to see a growing trend to sustainability and wildlife preservation in our gardens.

The trend of hard landscaped borders and concrete walls is being replaced by a natural, biodiverse environment that uses recycled and local materials such as wood and stone, encouraging wildlife.

Top tip: Creating ecological gardens that can cope with extreme weather conditions by planting the right plants for the right condition, results in a garden environment that will look after itself.

3. The Kitchen Garden - Grow Your Own

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen over the past couple of years is continuing to stay with us through 2021. The move to growing your own is largely driven by the fast-growing lifestyle of Veganism and a shift to healthier eating habits. Combined with an increasing demand for organic produce, rising food prices and shortages, we are sure that this trend will last for years to come.

More and more people choose to grow vegetables, salads and herbs, utilising the smallest spaces available. From garden planters, patio containers to hanging baskets, a level area and a good amount of sunlight are key to cultivate home-grown deliciousness.

Top tip: Don’t forget to use vertical space for those legumes like runner beans or peas. Salad leaves, like tomatoes, grow well in boxes and can be easily grown on balconies.

4. DIY Gardening – The big do-it-yourself project

Transforming an outdoor space into the garden oasis of your dreams can be an expensive undertaking. Landscape gardening, outdoor furniture and pretty plants can add up so why not try and tackle your garden project yourself?

The digital age allows us to find information with a simple mouse-click. Find amazing design ideas, watch how-to guides to transform your garden, get advice on plants to buy and learn the best gardening tips and tricks from the comfort of your home.

Top tip: Upcycle old goodies and make sure to search online marketplaces for great second-hand bargains. A fresh lick of paint on that old garden fence or shed can make a big difference.

Have these 4 gardening trends inspired you to overhaul your garden?

Extra tip: Make sure to have a structured plan, invest in good quality decorating and gardening tools, don’t be scared to get your hands dirty and of course, have a bit of fun!

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