Ciret exceeds donation target for Cash For Kids – 1000 Faces Fundraiser


Last year my colleagues and I took part in Wave 105 FM’s fundraising initiative Cash For Kids – 1000 Faces. The fundraiser has now drawn to an end and we’re proud to announce that we have raised £266.23 for this great cause.

Wave 105 set a goal to get local companies and the public to raise £100,000 for children and young people across the South. Funds raised will be used to diminish poverty, improve standard of living and support disabled and vulnerable individuals within our local community.

As most of us can spare a few pounds a month we decided to take part and support others that are struggling in our neighbourhoods. In April 2019 we set up our fundraising page with a target of £100. To encourage a weekly contribution, we turn Friday’s into Dress Down Day for a donation of 50p and we managed to raise extra funds throughout the year with other events like Christmas Jumper Day.

Campaign deadline was the 6th of January 2020 and thanks to everyone who participated and donated over the past few months we more than doubled our initial target.

Because of the great success of this fundraiser and the fact that we really enjoy our Dress Down Friday, we have decided to continue collecting money throughout 2020. We all agreed to keep supporting the same good cause as it goes directly to people in our local area.

Please support our fundraiser with a donation and help us reach our new 2020 goal!

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