See how Ciret's Warehouse Manager Rachel and Customer Services Advisor Connor answered our 'Meet a Colleague' questions

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In November we asked Rachel, Ciret’s Warehouse and Logistics Manager, to introduce herself in our ‘Meet a Colleague’ series. We managed to find out some interesting things about her that we definitely didn’t know before!

For example, Rachel loves her four cats which she’s rescued from different cat shelters. She particularly loves to take on older cats that won’t get rehomed as quickly and easily as younger ones. Furthermore, we learnt that her top travel destination is Canada. Who wouldn’t like to experience this stunning country?

When asked who she’d like to share a meal with, Rachel answered either Bear Grylls or Michelle Obama. I’m sure it would be a super interesting evening with either or both of them at the same time. Take a look at our infographic to see what other questions Rachel has answered for us.

As December has come round really quickly - just like every year, we got another one of our colleagues to reveal some fun facts and little secrets.

Customer Service Advisor Connor is the youngest member of the team here at Ciret and enjoys a joke and a laugh. He definitely brings a bit of humour and banter to the office :) Two years ago Connor joined the business as a temp, helping out with office and warehouse duties. Since then he’s worked his way up into the office – quite literally – and is now part of our Customer Services & Sales team.

Connor, who originates from Dagenham in London, enjoys interacting with customers and will get stuck in with any work that needs doing, from helping out with production duties to assisting Rose in accounting… although this kind of help is relative. Take a look at his infographic to find out more about him.

In the New Year we will ask another member of the Ciret team to answer our ‘Meet a Colleague’ questions. Watch this space!

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