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As I write this review, Rota Finish & Rota Gold LoTex rollers are a brand-new range. Manufactured by Ciret and launched at the Painting and Decorating Show 2021. The range includes three different sleeves. The Gold medium pile, Gold long pile and the Rota Finish. Each one of these sleeves are great products, but I wanted to talk specifically about the Rota Finish. Why? Because I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and it’s probably better than anything else on the market!


Rota have been around for ages and it’s a brand that goes under the radar more than it should. Not only are they good quality, but they’re also affordable. The Rota Finish is a slightly different animal! They are available in 4”,9”,10” and 12”. As we speak, they are only available in a handful of stockists. However, I think that is going to change rapidly once people start trying them out.


My Rota Finish Roller Review


So, why is this roller sleeve so special? Well paint pick up and distribution are spot on. I don’t just mean it holds a lot of paint, but it seems to apply the same amount of paint when it’s fully loaded, as it does after you’ve rolled it out. The distribution is even, which means you don’t need to keep repeatedly going over the same bit of wall to spread your paint out.


There is no lint loss at all either. Which I know sounds like it should go without saying, but most rollers lose a little bit when they’re new. The Rota Finish leaves no lint at all, even fresh out of the pack.


The main reason I love this roller is the overall finish. Flashing and roller marks are a problem with a lot of modern emulsions. Particularly products with a slightly higher sheen level like soft sheen or eggshell. This isn’t helped by rollers leaving texture as they move. You don’t experience this problem with the Rota Finish. Everything is left smooth and uniformed, meaning flashing is dramatically reduced.


Honestly, this roller is a gamechanger! I can’t wait to see what other decorators think of it.

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