Happy retirement Peter, enjoy your newfound freedom and make the most of it

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In just a few days we’re saying Goodbye to one or our dear colleagues, Financial Controller Peter. No bad news at all, at least not for Peter, as he is going to retire at the end of June.

Here are a few words that Peter wanted to share

Peter:“When I first walked through the door on Monday the 31st October 2016, I had no idea that I would still be here nearly 4 years later. I started as a temp on a week by week basis as the previous Financial Controller was off sick. On Christmas Eve Ciret’s MD told me that the Financial Controller was not going to return and offered me the full-time position.

I took the Christmas break to think about the position and as I felt that it was a good place to work, took the job on a permanent basis. It was only after that I realised, that I would be heavily involved in the implementation of the AX platform. That was an interesting time!

It was again during the Christmas break that I decided it was time to retire. After all you can only have so much of a good thing. I shall miss working at Ciret as it has been a very enjoyable experience and the people here are great! My last job has most definitely been one of the most enjoyable.

I believe that I have made a significant contribution to the company, not only from the accounts department point of view but also from an all-round finance point of view so that the management team knows what the financial performance of the company will be, as well as what it has been.

I enjoyed developing the accounts department further and I’m now excited to hand over this role to my successor, David.

I would also like to take this opportunity to especially thank my colleagues, Rose and Ed from the accounting department, for their hard work and support during my time here. Together we have achieved a lot that we can all be proud of.”

We’re sure that this is a very exciting time for Peter, he can now focus on the things he loves doing outside of work. When asked what he is planning to do with all this spare time he answered;

Peter:“I’m looking forward to not having to get up at 6am in the morning. With lockdown easing that’ll give me a few more opportunities, but most activities are not on the cards right now.

Once things relax a bit more, I am looking forward to joining language classes – I speak French, German and Italian but do not currently get an opportunity to use them. I’m also interested in Tai Chi and will definitely do some more walking, which is better for my back than sitting in an office.

Someone also suggested doing voice overs for books as they are in need of people to do it. I’m sure I’ll find plenty to do.”

It definitely sounds like Peter is going to keep himself very busy!

On behalf of the whole team here at Ciret I wish Peter a fantastic, exciting and fun-filled retirement. He’s been an integral part of the business, an enrichment for the team and will most certainly be missed. Take care Peter, and make sure to swing by for a cup of coffee when you’re in the area – and the pandemic allows us to do so again ????

Best wishes


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