Do your walls need a new paint finish? Here are the top 4 colour trends for painting & decorating in 2020


With the start of a new decade we typically see a big shift in colour trends. Looking back, colours have always defined certain periods of time and this won’t be any different with the new 20s. Pretty soft pastel colours are typical for the 50s, vibrant hues dominated the 60s and the 80s saw punchy neon colours.

Colour plays an important part in interior design as it can completely transform the feel and mood of a room. By choosing and blending the correct colours we can create an illusion that will make spaces look bigger, design homely rooms that shout comfort and warmth or transform stale living areas into fresh, inviting homes.

The 2020 colour trends include a range of beautiful soft and rich shades, so let’s take a look at them.


One of the biggest colours this year is going to be Champagne. It replaces the ever so popular grey scale that has dominated interior design projects for a long time. Champagne is a natural, soft beige tone that will bring warmth and an earthy feeling to a room.

Connecting with nature is a huge trend this year resulting in hues of brown and beige being used to create relaxing spaces. The therapeutic powers of nature go hand in hand with people’s focus on health, wellbeing and self-nurture.

Champagne makes a nice change to cool greys and creates a calming atmosphere. It complements bold textures and materials as well as metallic features such as gold and silver.

Pantone Colour - Classic Blue

At the end of every year the Pantone Color Institute, which is the industry leader in colour and was founded in 1963, announces their colour pick for the following year. Designers and producers around the world anticipate the announcement as many see it as an important inspiration and guide worth following. Products and services alike get designed with the Pantone colour of the year in mind.

This year, the experts were focused on finding a calming yet uplifting tone that will bring peace to an ever moving, technologically driven world.

Classic Blue is a deep shade of blue that is rich, elegant and timeless and reminds us of the twilight-sky. It conveys calm and stillness, consequently it is considered one of the most mellowing colours. Classic Blue is the perfect base colour for this decade as it can be blended with a wide range of tones and shades to create unique spaces.

Pastel Pink

Soft shades of pink have been predicted to become the new neutral colour of the year. It represents the way people think and live in this new day and age. Long gone are the times of labelling pink and rose tones as “girlie”.

Pastel pink is a refreshing alternative to neutral colours like white and beige that have been used for centuries. The gradual change has seen cooler grey neutrals being replaced with pink and red undertones to bring warmth to a room design. Pink hues can be easily paired with a wide range of colours.

Mint & Greens

Another colour that we will see all around us this year is green and in particular the soft pastel tone - mint. Greens are associated with nature, balance and harmony and will create a calm and relaxing environment.

Physiological studies show that green has positive effects on humans and is popular with all ages, genders and cultures. Pale green tones have got something nostalgic about them and are restorative. The fact that more and more people seek green spaces and fill their homes with plants proves that theory. Greens work well with numerous colour schemes and the combination of mint and red is a particularly good choice as they balance each other out.

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