TRIMACO One Tuff Coated Dropcloth


610mm x 15m (24" x 50").

Great for interior painting, plastering, construction and staining.


Trimaco's One Tuff Coated Dropcloth is a durable, drapable and slip-resistant drop cloth that is the perfect protection for painting, plastering and staining. The blue fabric drop cloth has a specifically engineered coating that won't de-laminate, it will show paint and is absorbent to avoid tracking.


One Tuff has a lightweight fabric which makes it easy to handle and maneuvre while offering exceptional protection. The cloth side absorbs while the coated side provides maximum protection against leakage. 


  • Patented Sontara fabric
  • Made in the USA
  • Leak resistant to all paints + stains
  • Slip resistant
  • Durable + Reusable
  • Not washable
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    610mm x 15m (24" x 50") Great for interior painting, plastering, construction and staining. Slip resistant, durable and reusable.

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