TRIMACO EasyMask Premium Masking Film

Trimaco's EasyMask Premium Masking Film is easy to unroll and apply, and will cover large or small areas to protect them from unwanted spills or drips. The statically charged film clings to the surface and stays there, even during spraying or in breezy conditions. Treated with a unique formula, Premium Masking Film attracts paint overspray, drips and dust. Additionally it reduces unwanted flaking and is therefore the ideal protection for easier, cleaner and faster painting jobs.


The temporary wall masking film is a great protection layer that will reduce preparation and clean up times, and can be used multiple times during painting and decorating projects. Its recommended usage includes surfaces like baseboards, cabinets, windows and larger areas. Can be used with most hand-masking devices, including the Easy Mask QM5000 PRO Masker.


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    • Works great with tape applicators/maskers
    • Clings to surfaces for easy application
    • Lets light in when used on windows
    • Available in various sizes
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