TRIMACO BlueEdge Tape & Drape Masking Film


Tape & Drape 610mm x 27.4m (24" x 90") Roll

Trimaco's Easy Mask BlueEdge Tape & Drape is a pre-taped masking film perfect for the masking of windows, woodwork or work surfaces. BlueEdge Tape is applied along one edge of 0.5mm (12 micron) high-density masking film. The films unique coating helps it cling to surfaces and protects even in windy conditions or when using a spray applicator.


Tape & Drape with BlueEdge Tape works well on it's own, with Easy Mask's QM5000 PRO Masker or with the 100mm (4") Tape & Drape Dispenser (18154001). It can be left on for up to 14 days.


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Product information

  • Treated film attracts overspray
  • Film clings to anything
  • Quick and easy temporary wall protection
  • Straight lines and reduced touch-ups
  • For commercial and residential use
  • Leave on for up to 14 days