14 Day Masking Tape


For crisp sharp edges

Special crepe tape for crisp sharp edges with all types of paint work. 14 Day Masking Tape is recommended for use on multiple surfaces and can be applied indoors as well as outdoors. UV resistant up to 14 days.


Please see the masq painters & masking tape guide for further information on some examples of suitable surfaces for each tape. Download the datasheet below.


  • Description

    Product information

    • Thin special crepe paper for sharp edges
    • Removes cleanly leaving no residue
    • High moisture/humidity resistance
    • Strong tear-resistant paper
    • UV resistance: 14 Days
    • Temperature resistance: Up to 60°C
    • Use: Interior + Exterior
    • Available in 3 sizes; 25mm (1”), 38mm (1 ½”), 50mm (2”)


  • Datasheet

    Download datasheet

    Here you can download the data sheets for this product.

  • Reviews (8)

    There are 8 reviews for Red Painters Tape

    29 November 2019 16:30:47

    Versatile tape

    Also now used the red tape on freshly painted interior walls to gain a straight line in middle of wall. It didn't pull or mark freshly painted walls. Brilliantly versatile and definitely my go to tape.
    29 November 2019 16:30:47

    Red external tape

    If you’re not using this for your external work you must be mad! No bleed on the tape and after a few days on leaves no marks behind! Worth stocking up on
    Matt Harrison
    29 November 2019 16:30:47

    Love this stuff

    I tend to use the red mostly and it’s great. I’ve used gold and red too which are also excellent.
    Simon T
    29 November 2019 16:30:47

    Best tape around!

    Used this tape on exterior upvc,superb with no bleed and no residue left after a couple of days in place,bullet proof tape!
    29 November 2019 16:30:47

    Masking Tape

    Excellent tape, got sent a sample from the facebook mail out and used it on an exterior project. I was not disappointed.
    29 November 2019 16:30:47

    Masq Red Painter's Tape

    The red painters tape is an excellent product. It rolls off the roll neatly with no tearing or shedding. On exterior surfaces it maintained its adhesion for 10 days with minimum uv exposure. On the interior surfaces it maintained a clean edge when painted with water based paints and left no residue once removed.
    Chris Georgiou
    29 November 2019 16:30:47

    MASQ Red Tape

    This tape is everything you need for a high tack tape. It stuck to any surface that any other normal tape wouldn't have stuck to. On this occasion, I used this for an exterior job on brick work to create a sharp crisp line either side of a terrace house. This done the job perfectly and didnt come unstuck for a whole week until i peeled it off which left me with sharp lines and no bleeds. Very impressed and will be my go to for when I need a high tack tape. Another great tape to the MASQ collection.
    Adam Featherstone
    29 November 2019 16:30:47

    Red painters tape

    This tape is brilliant for the hard to stick surfaces standard tapes can't stick too. I use it for glass, plastic trim that was covered in fresh plasterer for spraying, and it holds in place perfectly. It leaves clean sharps lines on removal. If your looking for a tape that hold in place for tricky surfaces inside and out this is the tape for you!

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