3 Day Masking Tape

Smooth tape for flat edges

Use the 3 Day Masking Tape from masq to get flat, crisp edges using all types of paint work. The tape, which has high initial tack, is suitable for a range of interior surfaces with smooth, medium and rougher finishes.


Please see the masq painters & masking tape guide for further information on some examples of suitable surfaces for each tape. Download the datasheet below.


  • Description

    Product information

    • Thin crepe paper for flat edges
    • Removes cleanly leaving no residue
    • Can be left for up to 3 days
    • Temperature resistance: Up to 60°C
    • Use: Interior only
    • Available in 3 sizes: 25mm (1”), 38mm (1 ½”), 50mm (2”)


  • Datasheet

    Download datasheet

    Here you can download the data sheets for this product.

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