Ciret's test and training room - the perfect space for us to test our professional painting and decorating products

Different images of the Ciret test and training room.

Did you know that you can find a fully equipped test and training room at our headquarters in Havant?

We’ve created a suitable space that enables us to thoroughly test products, along with providing a location to deliver expert product training for staff members. Here at Ciret we pride ourselves in product knowledge and customer service, consequently we make sure that everyone who joins the Ciret team receives comprehensive product training which includes time in the test room - physically testing products.

On a regular basis, different members of staff meet downstairs to get further training, especially when new products are being launched like our recent masq painters and masking tape range. We believe that this routine furthers product understanding and gets people engaged with the products and the company itself. It also leads to better and more informed customer service.

The room, which is situated at the entrance to the warehouse, features a full set up for in-depth product testing including flat walls, brick walls, doors and windows, as well as a variety of textured and smooth surface areas.

It is the perfect space for amateur painters & decorators like us to learn how to use a Kana paint brush, a ROTA! roller or masq painter’s tapes appropriately and efficiently - and it’s always a giggle! Furthermore, it's a great location for application shots and the filming of product videos.

Would you like to find out more about how to use our products? Take a look at our knowledge centre or read blog posts from professional decorators.

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