Industry News: How much do we spend on garden improvements?


Many of us who have been fortunate enough to have access to a garden or balcony throughout the past year have invested in improving their outdoor space in one way or another.

The Garden Census 2021, undertaken by STIHL, shows that gardeners spent more than £16 billion in the past year on their outside space. The average adult has spent £241 on renovations, £180 on accessories and £140 on tools.

Some of the most popular items that have been bought to change the look and feel of our gardens are fire pits, hot tubs and exercise equipment. Furthermore, there’s been a huge increase in hobby-gardeners growing their own vegetables and creating more living space outside by having summer houses or simply moving furniture outside.

The census showed that a third of garden owners are still not happy with their garden and are looking at making more changes. With the nice weather ahead of us we’re expecting to see a further increase in garden DIY, make-overs and home-improvements.

Top 10 Things In Bristish Gardens:

1. Plant pots

2. Washing line

3. Shed

4. Gate

5. Bird feeder

6. Dining table and chairs set

7. Garden ornaments

8. Hanging baskets

9. Bench

10. Barbeque

Paul Hicks, from STIHL, said: “With a lot of people still spending their days at home, there’s never been a more important time to make our outdoor space exciting and inviting, if only for ourselves.”

Bringing more colour into the garden is top of the list of garden improvements, so why not repaint that old fence, shed or garden furniture?

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Source: InsightDIY, STIHL

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