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Firstly, what does Ciret do?

Ciret Ltd UK is part of the Storch-Ciret group, Europe's number one manufacturers of painting & decorating tools.

You may have heard of Ciret through a website or perhaps an advert, or you might have come across one of our brands and not realised it is part of Ciret.

Or you may not know of us at all, if so, welcome!

Ciret is made up of 4 different brands:

  • ROTA!
  • Kana
  • Masq 
  • Prep

Let's delve into what each of them offer the Painting & Decorating industry.


Rota offers a variety of fabrics and pile lengths suitable for any application you desire.

From roller refills straight down to the scuttles & trays, you'll find a great range to choose from, fit for your job.


Kana includes our top quality brushes. From our Premier range to our DIY range, we all know how important having the right brush for your job is.

This brand offers synthetic to mixed bristle brushes. 


Masq seems to have been quite the leader of the 4 brands, well known in the masking tape space with many decorators hailing our sensitive roll.

From rough surface application to delicate, interior to exterior, Masq has got your back when it comes to achieving those perfect, sharp lines.

Check out our instagram 'Masq' highlight to see other decorators in action with our tape.


Prep tools are here for all your preparation needs. From floor covers to wallpaper tools, abrasives to decorating accessories.

Check out our full range here



Simply Rota, Kana, Masq and Prep together under Ciret.


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