The top 5 exterior masonry paint colours that help you sell your property

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Did you know that the exterior colour of your property can encourage a sale?

Choosing the right masonry paint, which is paint that is specifically designed for exterior walls, will not only prolong the life of your home’s exterior, it can also attract future buyers.

According to experts at JustBoilers, these five most-popular masonry paint colours can draw in potential buyers.

Even though we’ve seen an increase in colourful exteriors, especially pastel colours like pink, yellow or blue, the classics still dominate the market.

So, what colour should you choose to make your property more visible on the market? Research results, undertaken by JustBoilers, are based on searches for masonry paint and include all different shades of colour and brands.

Here are the top 5 most popular masonry colours in the UK:

1. Grey

A grey exterior, including shades like slate, charcoal, or gravel, is most likely to encourage the sale of your property. With over 24k monthly searches grey leads the list of masonry paint colours. The grey scale is not just a favourite for the exterior, it has also been one of the top-selling colours for the interior.

2. White

White is as classic as it can get. It creates a fresh, pure and simple theme that lends itself to bold accent colours. More than 11k monthly searches are for white house exterior. You can’t go wrong with a classic.

3. Black

Yes, you read correctly. In third place we’ve got black with over 8k searches per month. Perhaps an exterior choice that is not for everyone, yet this statement colour has proven to be very popular for both exterior and interior decorating projects.

4. Green

3k monthly search results are for green masonry paint, which can range from light to dark shades, including olive or pastel greens. The nature theme has also been a favourite for home interior design, creating a harmonious and calm environment to enjoy.

5. Red

And finally, in fifth place, the energetic and passionate colour red with 2k searches per month. A statement colour that draws attention and most definitely reflects the homeowner’s personality.

Do you feel inspired to paint your home?

Before you decide on an exterior paint colour, make sure to choose the right masonry paint that is suitable for your property type. Using an excellent exterior paint along with premier masonry tools will give you the best end-result.

Find out more about our masonry range here.

Source:, PropertyInvestorToday

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