New 4" Green Tray

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Here at Ciret we are proud to be launching our brand new 4 inch Green ROTA Tray, available in all of our  4 inch roller kits.

This new Mini Roller Tray is like no other, with a structured stippled rolling area for easier paint application and optimum absorbency.  Along with the colour reservoir that allows for a non-slip product application.

This tray is made from a stable plastic material with robust increased edges for maximum application yet minimum spillage.

Make wasting paint a thing of the past with our new tray! We have introduced a measuring scale that allows for planning and helps to prevents wastage.

Once the job is done, cleaning our new tray could not be easier with its new formed spout enabling residue paint to be poured away easily and cleanly.

Be sure to get your hands on one of our 4 inch roller kits as you won’t be disappointed.

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