Ciret introduces two brand new Rollers to ROTA!


Ciret UK launches new rollers


Ciret Ltd manufacturers and suppliers of quality painting and decorating products.

The Ciret brands have been designed to provide quality solutions for the full lifecycle of a decorating project, starting with the preparation stage right through to the finishing touches.

Our extensive product range is divided into Ciret’s own key brands ROTA! –paint rollers & roller accessories, Kana – paint brushes & accessories, masq - masking solutions, prep – preparation products, and Beeline – wallpaper adhesives and fillers.

We are launching two new rollers to the ROTA! family this month.

So, what’s new in our ROTA! brand?

This will include the Premier quality ROTA! Gold & ROTA! Finish.



Let’s give a warm welcome to the highly anticipated arrival of the ROTA! Gold.

A high-performance paint roller with excellent loading and coverage


The Advantages of LoTex treatment

LoTex treatment delivers unparalleled results and significantly increases the surface area that can be covered.

Improving productivity – Saving you time & money.

This type of treatment is exclusive to Ciret.


The benefits


  • Excellent paint loading and release for excellent coverage
  • Keeps its shape during use to get perfect results every time.
  • Longer life due to the excellent LoTex® fibre resistance
  • No linting due to the LoTex® technology, even with prolonged use
  • Ease to clean thanks to the LoTex® water repellent coating
  • Low splatter (Anti-projection)


The details

  • Endless woven polyamide 12mm.
  • LoTex coating - Water repellent system


Where can I use it?

Ideal for wall & ceiling, and exterior paints


ROTA! Finish

Another welcomed addition to the ROTA! range is the Finish roller.

Designed for a perfect ultra-smooth finish on smooth even surfaces with optimal paint loading and release for an even coverage.


The benefits


  • Optimal paint loading and release for an even coverage
  • Design for a perfect ultra-smooth finish – even on Q4 surfaces and high visual surfaces
  • Excellent fibre resistance for a particularly long service life and shape retention
  • No linting
  • Easy to clean


The details

Woven Microfibre & Special Polyester Mix


Where can I use it?

Ideal for wall & ceiling paints.

When can I get my hands on one of these game changing rollers?

You can expect these to hit selves mid-April time, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you’d like to find out more info, contact us at

For any other enquires please contact our sales team on 02392 457451 or email


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