New Masonry Kits

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Here at Ciret we are proud to have launched two new limited edition Masonry kits, one 9 inch (230mm) and the other 10 inch (250mm).

These kits are like no others on the market, with quality Green Acrylic rollers designed for durability and longer life. Along with the yellow cement brush, a quality mix of natural and synthetic bristle designed for exterior paint on rough surfaces. These kits have everything required to get your exterior projects well under way this summer.

9inch kit includes:

2 x 230mm (9") Green Acrylic refills

1 x 230mm (9") Cage frame

1 x 230mm (9") Roller tray

1 x 100mm (4") Yellow cement brush

10inch kit includes:

2 x 250mm (10") Padded Green Acrylic 18mm pile refill

1 x 100mm (4") Mini Green Acrylic 18mm pile refill

1 x 280mm (11") Extra deep heavy duty tray

1 x 250mm (10") Stick system frame (push fit)

1 x 100mm (4") Mini frame (push fit)

1 x 100mm (4") Yellow Cement brush

Be sure to get your hands on one of Masonry kits as you won’t be disappointed

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